Water Only Washing (W.O.W.)

Questions about Water Only Washing

Ok I know people are reading this and thinking, she has lost her mind. Really who doesn't use product in their hair? Doesn't it stink? Doesn't it look icky?

The answer Me, nope, and not at all.

I find that since I started washing with water only, my hair never smells like anything except hair. I get way more compliments on my hair from strangers. I have freed up so much time, I can't even believe it. The saving money factor is quite attractive too.

How does it work?

Well its quite simple you wash your hair with water.

Is there a transition period like with No Poo?

Absolutely. The severity and length of time it will last is going to vary from person to person. In my personal experience, it lasted about 4 weeks.

How can I deal with the transition period?

This is a good question, because life has to go on, work doesn't stop, groceries won't bring themselves home so what do we do when we need to be amongst the living and our hair is looking less than stellar? Hair buns, pony tails, bandanas, hats, etc. Just while dealing with the transition. I will tell you that getting past it and not giving up is worth it.

Won't my hair be stinky?

No. Not at all. Hair has no smell at all. No one is going to say anything about hair stank, because it won't stink.

Won't I need hair product?