Water Only Washing (W.O.W.)

W.O.W. (Water Only Washing) Journal

My Journey in to Water Only Washing my hair.

This has been a long journey to get here and to be honest there were days when I never thought I would get to write this post. I was always the kind of girl who washed with every shampoo known to man and used the conditioner to match. I have colored my hair with every box, brand of henna, and let every hair dresser I know do the same. I have used blow dryers, curling irons, hot curlers, flat irons, curling brushes, foam rollers. So many heat appliances to be honest I am shocked I have hair at all.

One day I woke up and thought "There has to be another way".

I mean really. What did people do before shampoo and conditioner?? I began looking on the internet and found page after page of people going "No Poo". At first I thought they were crazy. No shampoo?? Who does that?? I read about it for a while and found that I had everything I needed to try it in my kitchen. Baking Soda…Check, Apple Cider Vinegar…Check. So I jumped on that band wagon. It worked well for a while, but then my hair got dry. REALLY REALLY dry. So I read some more and found honey was great for dry hair (so was egg yolk, mayonnaise, olive oil, beer, coconut oil, Argan Oil). I have done it all. In the end, it just never worked great for me. In my reading I found that people went one step beyond and crazy and were washing there hair with (get this) Water. I laughed. Literally laughed.

I told my husband, who happens to have really great hair this while I was in a fit of laughter and he looked at me like I had two heads and said "Yes dear, I haven't used shampoo in 15 years." I am sure you can imagine the look of shock on my face. I was flabbergasted. This man I had been married to for about 4 year at this point has been doing the unthinkable. Washing with water. I just couldn't wrap my head around it.

I decided to try it for myself. I clarified like I had read with an inexpensive clarifying shampoo the first week and then went to only water. It was a disaster and that is being mild. After two weeks I went to my husband since apparently he was master of this method in my house and I asked him to feel my hair. I had this horrible waxy build up feeling in the crown of my head. It felt like someone melted was in my hair. He told me that did not feel right to him. So I aborted this crazy idea. I knew it wouldn't work. It was just to good to be true.

Now I am going to tell you now, I am not a quitter. I may get discouraged, but I hate to let things beat me. So I read, did my home work, and prepared really prepared. Here is what I did for about 6 weeks before I went Water Only again.

  • I used VO5 Clarifiying shampoo for about 4 weeks. Nothing else but this.
  • I bough Neutrogena T-gel shampoo (it smells like tar and dog shampoo) for 2 weeks
  • Then I went water only

I started this journey about 6 weeks ago.

The first week I washed with warm water and then rinsed with Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother. It worked fine, but the vinegar didn't seem to do much. I managed to go 5 days without my hair looking icky.

So the second week I just washed with water. I know I am going to get blasted for saying this, but I washed with HOT water. Not so hot I burned myself (duh), but hot water. This worked well. I rinsed with COLD water and it was all good. This time I managed to go 7 days before my hair started to look icky. Of course the transition period was in full swing so that was a challenge all on its own.

The third week I tried just warm water (not hot like before) but warm, and I have to tell you, I don't think it worked anywhere near as good. I only managed to go 4 days before my hair started to look like an oil slick. So after 4 days I had to go back to hot water wash cold water rinse.

The fourth week I went back to hot water wash and cold water rinse. I managed to go 7 full days without terribly gross hair and the transition period was subsiding which was awesome.

The fifth week I kept with hot water wash/cold water rinse and I went 9 days without gross hair. YAAAAAAY!!! I think the transition period was finally over at this point.

The sixth week. . . I went 10 days and my hair still didn't look horrible. I mean it was time to wash it, but it was still presentable. I continued with hot water wash/cold water rinse.

I have just washed it today. After 10 days, and the transition period is over and let me tell you, it is a beautiful thing. Less time working on my hair, more time for knitting (hehehehehe).

I have been using a bamboo bristle brush for daytime brushing and a boar bristle brush for night time brushing. My hair is shiny but not greasy, it looks great.