No Poo

Mayo for dry scalp

I have been having a really hard time with my hair and scalp since I tried the No Poo thing. I went from a ridiculous amount of oil to dry scalp. Driving me CRAZY.

I have read about coconut oil, tea tree oil, etc. But I have still been having trouble. I even bought Head and Shoulders (which caused me more grief than I can explain here), but the other day, I was reading (again) about Mayonnaise. So, I remembered I had some Dukes mayo in the fridge and decided what the heck.

I got a ½ cup of mayo and started working that into my scalp (while my hair was dry, not wet). I smelled like the beginning of potato salad and it feels weird on your scalp when it starts to melt (because its really just whipped oil and eggs) and it runs down your scalp. Very weird feeling. I left it on for about 30 minutes, and during that 30 minutes I kept massaging it into my scalp.

I washed it out with coffee and Johnson and Johnson Lavender Baby shampoo, and I was very pleasantly surprised. When my hair dried, my dry scalp was pretty much non existent. I do believe I can still see some dry skin, but I will try this again next week and I think that will clear it up.

I've always wondered about how it worked, but Mayo contains, eggs, oil and vinegar all things I have used for various reasons such as making my hair shiny (oil), moisturized (eggs) and soft (vinegar) and now dry scalp.