No Poo

Essential Oils for Scalp Health

I love using essential oils. I have learned that the smells we think of from home sprays or perfumes are not what EO's smell like most of the time. I find EO's are more earthy scented, but I love them all the same. 

I have been doing some reading with regards to my scalp issues since I went back to using shampoo. For those of you have not read my earlier posts or my journal I stopped using No Poo and went back to commercial shampoo and conditioner for a very short time, but I have had horrible results. I started noticing sores in my scalp, a horrible amount of hair fall and just flat unmanageable hair.

I did not want to go back to No Poo as the Baking Soda made my hair too dry, so I went back to washing my hair with water only.

I read that EO's are great for scalp health and let's be honest, who doesn't love a good scalp massage (even if you have to do it yourself).

Essential oils can be used to:

  • Promote healthy hair growth
  • Strengthen hair shaft
  • Improve condition
  • Help with dandruff
  • Soothe irritated scalp

Lavender oil is very versatile. It helps balance natural scalp oils, which makes it valuable for all hair types. Lavender oil has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and analgesic properties, and is a great treatment for dry, flaky scalp. It soothes and nourishes the scalp, providing relief from inflammatory scalp conditions. Regular massage with lavender oil is said to reduce hair loss and make the hair soft and shiny.

Lavender oil can act as a mild sedative and antidepressant, I use it every night on my bed pillow when going to sleep instead of taking OTC pills to help with that. It works like a charm. I put a couple drops on my pillow and I am out like a light.

Rosemary oil is one of the premier hair growth enhancing essential oils. It is packed with antioxidants which help scavenge free radicals that are responsible for greying as well as hair thinning. This oil stimulates blood flow to the scalp and promotes strong and healthy hair growth. Rosemary oil is also effective for treating dandruff, itchiness, scalp irritation and oily skin.

Ylang Ylang oil is native to tropical Asia and has been traditionally used to promote healthy hair growth as well as smooth skin. It balances oily scalp by helping to normalise sebum production. The natural antiseptic and tonic properties of this oil aid in healthy scalp maintenance. In addition, ylang ylang oil stimulates blood flow to the scalp which nourishes hair follicles and encourages growth.

It is said to relax facial muscles, and a massage with ylang ylang helps to ease tension headaches. It is also useful in treating anxiety, anger, and insomnia.

These three oils together for me seem to be exactly what my hair and scalp are in desperate need of. I put one drop of each in the palm of my hand, dabbed my finger tips in the oil, smoothed it on both hands finger tips and gently massage them into my scalp.

My head feels tingly, and smells very good. Again, don't confuse EO scents with those of perfume and home sprays. I was a bit put off when I first started using them. They do take a bit of getting used to. Now that I have been using them for sometime, I quite like the scents far better than the "Commercial" scents. Just make sure that you are getting 100% natural EO's, not blends to be sure you get the full benefits.

Always remember to consult a physician before trying anything new if you are unsure of how you will react to treatments, or how they will react with you.