No Poo

Argan Oil for Shiny Hair

I have been using Argan oil for many months now and I must say I have seen a huge difference. I have not been kind to my hair over the years. I have colored, bleached, heat styled, flat ironed and subjected my hair to more Florida sunshine than you can imagine. Getting on in years, I have realized, its all of these things that make it necessary for me to use so much product trying to hide the damage.

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Coconut Milk for Dry Hair

Tonight's experiment took me on a journey using coconut milk. I have been reading a lot about it, but finally decided to try it.

I went to our local Asian grocery store today and purchased a can of pure coconut milk. My hair is dry, not overly damaged, just dry. The humidity in Florida, the sun just reeks havoc.

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Coconut Oil vs. Unrefined Coconut Oil

I have been using refined coconut oil since my No Poo journey began. I still say it works great and I have no complaints. But I am a girl who loves to smell pretty and I have eliminated perfumes and body sprays and have added essential oils and pure vanilla but I miss those pretty smelling lotions. I miss the way that lotion just absorbs into the skin, HOWEVER , I do not miss the harmful chemicals, dyes and perfumes.

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Dry Shampoo for when you are No Poo

When going No Poo, the goal is to allow our hair to produce its natural oils and maintain itself. A benefit of the No Poo method, is washing less frequently while having clean, healthy hair. Now I live in Florida, so the summers are hot, hot hot and sticky. So naturally, after 5 or 6 days my roots look oily, even though the hair is clean. After doing my No Poo Saturday research I have found the most delicious way to combat oily roots while maintaining fresh No Poo'd hair.

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Essential Oils for Scalp Health

I love using essential oils. I have learned that the smells we think of from home sprays or perfumes are not what EO's smell like most of the time. I find EO's are more earthy scented, but I love them all the same. 

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Great Pick Me up for your hair

I have been working diligently on my No Poo routine both for my hair & my skin. My hair needed a little TLC and I did some reading and found this fantastic recipe on I thought I would share.

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Mayo for dry scalp

I have been having a really hard time with my hair and scalp since I tried the No Poo thing. I went from a ridiculous amount of oil to dry scalp. Driving me CRAZY.

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Using Indian Herbs for healthy hair

This has been an interesting process. I have tried Shikakai powder, Amla powder, and Brahmi powder.

It takes some experimenting. It feels weird, very, VERY weird. Imagine going out in the yard and grabbing a handful of dirt adding water to it, until it becomes a thick paste and adding this mixture to your wet hair. NOT A PRETTY PICTURE!

What I will tell you is its worth the effort.

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