Natural Hair Care

Add Shine & Volume Naturally to Color Treated Hair

Looking for ways to add volume and shine to color treated hair? The list below are natural ways to safely add volume and shine without adding further chemicals to your hair, keeping it healthy.

Looking for ways to add volume and shine to color treated hair? The list below are natural ways to safely add volume and shine without adding further chemicals to your hair, keeping it healthy.

Extra virgin olive oil is great to add shine to your hair.

Olive oil is great for just about any and everything. Hair, skin, nails and of course chock full of anti oxidants to cleanse our bodies. But it’s also a fantastic remedy for dry hair. Rub a small amount of olive oil into your hair and scalp (if you tend to have oily hair, I would suggest avoiding the scalp) and cover your hair with a plastic bag or shower cap- let stand for 30 minutes and then No Poo (or if you must) shampoo out. Not only will your hair have a fantastic sheen upon drying, but it also helps to seal the ends of your hair, which will help to prevent split ends and moisturizes the scalp, which will fight against dandruff. This is a fantastic deep conditioning treatment that can be done once a week. This is great for adding shine to your hair, and is especially beneficial if you have very dry hair.

Coconut Oil adds amazing shine to your hair and is my personal preference.

I cannot stress enough, YOU ONLY NEED A SMALL AMOUNT. This can be used as a deep conditioning treatment, using the same method as for olive oil, or it can be used as a leave in shine enhancer by using daily, applying a very small amount to the hair. Just rub a tiny bit in the palm of your hands till there is just a light sheen left, and rub thru hair. Just remember, to much will leave you looking very greasy.

Mayonnaise and eggs to add volume and shine.

Its not just just for sandwiches. If your hair is looking lifeless and dull, an application of one egg yolk and a liberal amount of mayo applied to the hair will make your hair bouncy and vibrant and can also prevent hair loss. Make sure that you wash and rinse well. Doing this at least twice a month, you’ll see a major improvement in the vitality of your hair.

Avocado makes hair stronger and vibrant.

Avocado has a ton of natural anti oxidants that help our skin and cleanse unnecessary toxins out of our body. This is the same when it comes to your hair. In a Medium size bowl, combine 1 tsp Virgin Olive Oil, 1 tsp Natural Honey and 1 Egg Yolk with a whisk. In the same bowl mash up a 1/2 Avocado (very ripe) and blend till semi creamy (it will have lumps). I have a post with all the necessary ingredients and method you can view here. It will add amazing shine to dull hair.

Beer strengthens hair, adds volume and shine.

We love to drink it, but did you know that the natural protein in beer actually helps to strengthen and can even prevent split ends on hair with regular use? Apply one can or bottle of room temperature beer as the final rinse (the smell will dissipate as your hair dries so you don't smell like a brewery). It will help to make your hair stronger, adds volume, shine and prevent breakage too.

Apple Cider Vinegar will seal the hair adding shine.

I cannot say enough about ACV (especially ACV with Mother) as a hair rinse. Adding ACV to your hair care regiment will seal the hair follicles and will produce soft, shiny hair. If you have color treated hair it is also a great treatment as it seals the follicles of the hair helping color stay in longer. As with the beer treatment, the smell will dissipate once your hair dries. There is a post on this site all about ACV hair rinse which you can read here.

These methods will work regardless of wether you are Poo or No Poo. They are just a few ways to reduce the amount of harsh chemicals we use on our bodies, and a very inexpensive things most of us have already around the house.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am here to help.