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No Poo Journal (Old) The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

This is a diary from when I was trying No Poo using Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother. I thought I would include it in case it was of any help to anyone trying this method. I do have a new diary under Hair Care now that I have gone Water Only if you are trying that method.


I will be posting here about my journey, the good days, the trial and errors, the bad days, and my finds.

"No Poo" is not for the faint of heart. I will be trying many things I've read, challenging things I feel need to be challenged, and hopefully inspiring some to give it a try.

12/032013 1:35pm
I have neglected my diary and I feel so guilty. Things have been amazing along this journey I am still learning everyday. Unrefined coconut oil is amazballs, Dr Bronner's is fan-friggin-tastic, there is a enormous difference between apple cider vinegar and Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother (I highly recommend Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother), making homemade beauty products is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done, and I FINALLY GOT MY MOM to try this. She is using the baking soda wash, Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother rinse, she's been sampling my milk bath concoctions, and she's using my hair thickening mixture and as of last week she was loving it.

I am going to work diligently to get my recipes up to date, I have found dome awesome things and write some articles on the new things I've added and how they are working out for me.

I did recently post some information about unrefined coconut oil vs refined coconut oil and my recently acquired flexirods.

Stay tuned.

09/03/2013 11:08am
I'm in full on crisis mode today. I have to explain. I have weird, goofy hair! It's straight at the crown, it's wavy at the bottom, it's impossible to deal with. I have straightened it, I have left it wavy, it's driving me nuts. I love no poo and its no fault of no poo this has been a crisis I have lived with for years.

Today, when I get home FOR THE THIRD DAY IN A ROW, I am water only washing, I am conditioning with honey and water, I am going to add this little concoction I made last night to add some volume (if it works i will post it here later) and conditioning properties and blow dry this head full of hair straight. I can't help but think its maybe my round brush is to big, maybe it's the way I dry it, maybe it's because I'm 40 and maybe I just can't make up my damn mind!! I think maybe I am in full on mid-life crisis mode. Most people want fast cars, big houses for their mid-life crisis, I just want SUPER AWESOME MEGA FANTASTIC HAIR!!!

I promised in the title of this diary that I would share the Good, the Bad & the Ugly and I'm pretty sure this qualifies as all three!!

08/31/2013 10:49am
Been doing some experimenting this week. Nothing "Crazy", just trying something new. I have been No Poo for 2 months and I will NEVER go back to the ways of Poo!! I decided after much reading to try water only as my No Poo wash and rinse with honey dissolved in warm water as my conditioner.

I have fairly long hair, thick and coarse. It has a natural wave, but only half way down which looks quite ridiculous, so I have gone back to blow drying. I have only gone back to blow drying because the honey, avocado, Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother and coconut oil I have been using seems to protect it. I feel like two months on baking soda has served my hair well and I will use it from time to time, but washing with water is very convenient. I mean lets face it, it's everywhere in my house.

My hair feels very clean, no oily greasy mess. The honey adds moisture, shine and volume which is fantastic.

I purchased Argan Oil and it came in the mail yesterday, and let me tell you, it is a little slice of heaven. It's good for your hair in so many ways. It's a leave in conditioner, a frizz tamer and adds shine. It's very powerful so a little goes A LONG WAY. I am not sure I can ever survive a day without it. Not to forget to mention, it's phenomenal for you skin & nails. Another perfect item derived from Mother Nature.

I will keep you posted on how this progresses, but as of right now, this "No Poo" girl is loving the water wash and honey rinse!!

08/25/2013 7:03pm
No Poo in full force today!! Washed with my baking soda & water mixture, rinsed with my Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother & water mixture, removed excess water with a microfiber towel, added a bit of coconut oil with vanilla extract while my hair air dried, had my daily cup of Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother tea with honey, cleansed my face with Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother, used my vanilla lip scrub, and for my finale, I whipped up a homemade vanilla Ylang-Ylang body spray. All No Poo. No chemicals, no artificial colors, No Poo all around. It feels fan-friggin-tastic!!!

Yesterday I made the dry shampoo, and it smells delicious!! My husband was watching a movie last night (well WE were until I fell asleep) and he said he had to go find the chocolate bar he purchased the other night because that's all he could think about!! I think it's cool he thinks I smell yummy.

What started out as a Sunday read to find a way to make my hair feel clean longer, has turned out to be a life changer. I guess if you've ever read my "About Me" page though, you'd know that's how it goes!!

Happy Sunday Y'all.

08/24/2013 12:38pm
I know I said today was going to be my day to experiment adding vanilla extract to my No Poo routine (and I did add it to my lip scrub which is AWESOME!!), but I was reading about dry No Poo for dark hair and it got my brain going. My hair was still looking and feeling good (I have not No Poo'd for 6 days) but the roots were looking a bit oily. I read about several ways to make the dry stuff and all I can say is WOOOOOW!! My hair looks freshly washed, feels great, and as a bonus, I smell like the finest chocolate bar you have ever had!!

08/24/2013 7:56am
The No Poo method makes me look forward to the weekend. Saturday afternoons are usually my day to experiment with conditioning, adding fragrances, and washing my hair with baking soda and my favorite, the Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother rinse.

I used at have to wash every other day (what a drag!!!), now I am washing once a week. The boar bristle brush really helps maintain in between No Poo's. I have noticed a dramatic differences in my hair. It is shedding much less which I am extremely excited about. My hair is also much healthier than before and it's growing like crazy. The shine factor (thanks greatly to the Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother and the coconut oil) has been fantastic.

This week I am sticking to what seems to working excellent for my hair but adding fragrance to it, using pure vanilla extract. I shall see how it goes.

08/18/2013 9:31am
This has been an exciting week for this girl on her No Poo journey. I did a very nice Avocado Mask that did wonders for my hair on Friday. It's very easy to make and made my hair feel great. This morning is my day to apply the No Poo method to my hair, which I have gotten into a comfortable rhythm with. I seem to have the baking soda rinse down just right, and the apple cider vinegar with mother rinse does much better than plain apple cider vinegar rinse. It adds more shine and makes my hair feel much softer. I have also started adding a tiny bit of coconut oil to my no poo method while my hair is still wet, and this has increased the shine of my hair by enormous amounts.

Something I have learned this week is the benefit of drying my hair with a microfiber cloth instead of a regular bath towel. It lessens the friction on your hair but sucks the excess water right out. My hair is fairly long and quite thick, but this little towel does wonders.

I really don't ever see myself going back to the old way of caring for my hair with commercial poo and products. The benefits I have reaped and the knowledge I have gained has been incredible.

It doesn't hurt when people comment on how great your hair looks. I get asked often, "You have such nice hair, what do you use?", my reply has been well received by everyone who has asked. The next questions are usually, "What is No Poo?", or "how can I learn about No Poo?". I do get the occasional puzzled look, but its followed by questions about how to go no poo.

Till next time,

Peace, Love and all things good!!

08/11/2013 8:34am
I woke up this morning and it seems as though I may have found the proper amount & method for the coconut oil overnight conditioning. As I stated before I rubbed approximately 1 TBSP of coconut oil in my hair only from the ears down. I have fairly long thick hair. I continued all evening rubbing it in to my hair with my hands and used my boar bristle brush to spread it thru out the hair. I pulled it up with a scrunchie and went to bed.

When I took my hair down this morning it seemed a little greasy, but not like the last time. I washed with baking soda, and rinsed with ACV. I did dab the smallest amount of coconut oil in while it was still wet (at the ends only). I decided to give it a blow dry, which I haven't done much since I started this journey. I must say, I have the best feeling hair I have had, well pretty much EVER.

This is the final result:

Soft, shiney, healthy. Hmmm, maybe I'm getting somewhere.

08/10/2013 6:21pm
Hello. It's Saturday night and as usual, it's my night for experimenting. Last post, I had SLATHERED my hair in coconut oil, and while it did a marvelous job, it was a nightmare trying to get it out. I did bs rinses more times than I can count until I had to resort to Poo!! Don't disown me, it was Natural, but I still felt guilty. Like I was killing bunnies in the rainforest. The Poo was Biofusion Rosemary & mint, and it smelled HEAVENLY, but I didn't get the same styling satisfaction as I do from my No Poo method.

I have used Coconut oil tonight, only from my ears down, and I only used a tablespoon (approximately). I am going to let it soak in over night and I will No Poo in the morning.

07/28/2013 8:19am
Took some time yesterday to do a coconut oil deep conditioning mask. It's never pretty. I used a SUBSTANTIAL amount of oil yesterday and of course I look like a grease ball this morning as I have not yesterday "No Poo"d. I am enjoying this process. I am learning with every time I wash, treat, or have a need. It's been great for my hair. I still have good days and bad days. But I think the reality is we all do. I have posted a photo of the "Ugly" as I feel it's important for you to see what your getting into with these treatments.

This time I left the coconut oil in for 16 hours. I slathered it on, more than the last time. Pulled it up in a bun with a claw clip on top of my head and slept with it in over night. When I took it down, this is what it looked like:

This would be Pre-No Poo.

07/24/2013 9:43am
My family is coming home today from a lengthy vacay and I decided to "No Poo" before they got home. I think I've finally found my niche with this whole "No Poo" process. After a month of good days and bad, I've come up with something that is working very well for me.

I rinse my hair with VERY warm water. I use my squeeze bottle mixture of baking soda and water (it works out to 2 1/2 cups of water, and I am using 4 Tablespoons of Baking Soda and shake the bottle till its dissolved). I squeeze the mixture on the scalp only and massage in for about 3 minutes. I rinse, rinse, and rinse some more! Seriously, I can't stress this enough. We often think we've rinsed good enough, even with commercial poo, when we haven't. The baking soda will look like dandruff if you don't rinse good enough, keep rinsing. I then i use a 1 cup measuring cup and mix one part vinegar (apple cider vinegar) with 1 part water and pour that over the ends ONLY. I put some in, work it thru, put more in, work it thru until I've used it all. Then I take the wide tooth comb and gently comb it thru my hair. I let it sit for 1 to 2 minutes and then RINSE, warm water first, then a cool water rinse (adds shine). I had been towel drying my hair, but I have read thy actually dries the ends out, which from my posts you can see I have struggled with, so I just squeezed all the water I could out by hand, then used my wide tooth comb again to detangle. I then used a VERY MINIMAL AMOUNT of coconut oil. I dipped 3 fingers in liquified coconut oil (I keep it in a mall plastic container in the garage and its really hot out there so it's always liquid) up to the first knuckle (just past your finger nail). I rub it between my hands, use some on my skin, so there is just a light sheen left on my hands and then I rub that into the ends of my hair. Then I let it air dry.

I promise it keeps getting better. You just have to keep at it till you find out whats best for you.

I will keep posting as I find new things that work for me. I must admit, it's way more economical than the commercial alternatives.

I bought a squeeze bottle at my local walmart yesterday. I found it with the kitchenwares. It's the kind you find at a BBQ, clear with a small tethered cap. I decided since I have been doing the "No Poo" process I would mix up the baking soda and water in advance. I have read that the squeeze bottle makes it easier to concentrate the baking soda at the roots and after giving it a try i can honestly say it works great.

I have switched from my white vinegar to apple cider vinegar and my hair is looking great.

The "No Poo" method has changed my life for the better. It takes no time, my hair looks and feels better. I really encourage anyone looking to improve their hair health, appearance, save time and money to give it a try. It's phenomenal.

07/13/2013 8:52am
I have began the process. I got up, took the bun down and rinsed with baking soda and rinsed with apple cider vinegar. It's air drying now. We shall see how it goes.

07/13/2013 9:41am
Almost completely air dried, looks VERY clean. The baking soda DOES INDEED take the greasy coconut oil from the hair without poo bars, or shampoo.

The hair is very soft, very shiny and feels UUUUUmazing!!!! I am very pleased to have suffered thru the 24 hours of looking like, well, crap to get to the bottom of this burning question (for me anyway).

If you are interested, this is what I did as a coconut deep conditioning mask

07/12/2013 9:15pm
Had a busy day. Just getting back to report. My hair looks like I put to much gel in it. Rinsing with water and vinegar are no match for the coconut oil. I decided however that the shine its gotten is worth the trial and error. I put warm water on the ends and a bit more coconut oil, combed it thru gently and I am leaving it in overnight, pulled up in a bun on top of my head in a claw clip. I have a plan for tomorrow morning, and I feel like it just may work. I'll let you know how it goes.

07/12/2013 10:48am
I let the coconut oil sit for 30 minutes. I have rinsed, rinsed and rinsed (water only) and rinsed with ACV. My hair feels very nice so far. Bangs seem a bit greasy. I'm going to give it a bit and see how it goes. I'll be back.

07/12/2013 9:23am
This time I made it a full 7 days before requiring a "No Poo" treatment. My hair looked fantastic. I changed my method from white vinegar to Apple Cider Vinegar, and for me, it made a HUGE difference in the look and feel of my hair.

I am still having a issue with dryness. My hair seems fantastic for two or three ads, thennnn the frizzies are back. I have read about the benefits of coconut oil. Some bloggers and "No Poo" enthusiasts swear by it as a wonderful "drink" of moisture for your hair, but then in another breath, they say "but if you are a "No Poo'er, then DON'T DO IT" as the baking soda & a vinegar rinse won't take it out. Now my question is this; If you are a "No Poo" person, swearing by the Coconut oil benefits, how do you get it out of your hair? I mean NO POO means NO POO right? Have a missed something?

I'm a "go big or go home type of girl". It's NO POO, or your poo'ing!! Low poo my friends, call it what you will is still POO'ing in my eyes. It reminds me of "I tried it, but I didn't inhale. . ."

I have decided today to challenge myself to get control of the frizzies. I washed "No Poo" on Tuesday, today is Friday so I have wet my hair with hot (as hot as I could stand without burning myself) as I would if I needed a "pick me up" in between washes, and I have applied 1-2 table spoons of unrefined coconut oil to my hair (half way down to ends, not the scalp). Combed it thru with a wide tooth comb and I am currently sitting with a towel on my head, it's been almost 20 minutes now. I will be back in a bit to let you know how it works out.

It's been 6 days. No rinsing, no baking soda. I bought a 100% boar bristle brush. I have used it everyday since I purchased it, and I am quite happy with the results.

07/02/2013 8:03am
Good morning everyone. Well I am over 2 weeks with no poo. Hair seems to be quite happy for it. I have washed my hair with the no poo method today, 9 days since my last baking soda & vinegar poo. I did give it a warm water rinse on Saturday just to freshen it up, but other than that nothing.

Most posts I have read have mentioned the oily phase, which I must say, mine was not so bad. The dry frizzies is what I have suffered from the most, but ever since the honey & olive oil mask over a week ago, that has improved tremendously.

I have used no product (no shampoo, no conditioner, no sprays, gels, nothing) since this started, and I must admit, I can see my hair is better for it. I have heard really nice compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair looks so I know it's doing good.

Something else I have noticed on a positive, my hair doesn't hold smells like it used to. I am a smoker (nasty habit I know), but it always just smells clean. It doesn't smell like anything, and I love that.

Please if you have questions, feel free to ask. I would love to be of help to anyone who wants to take on the "No Poo" adventure. I will keep posting my findings and hopefully encourage others to drop the expensive, unnecessary lifestyle that shampoo and styling products have made us slaves to.

Good evening everyone. It's been a very busy week, so I have neglected my posting, my bad!! But I had to take a minute and let you know, today my grandmother said to me, "Are you still doing your no shampoo thing?", I said "yes, why", she said "your hair looks so shiny, I don't think it's ever been that shiny". She is amazed that these results are coming from no shampoo, no conditioner, just baking soda, water and vinegar. Then she looks at me and says "it's going to take me along time to use up all that shampoo in the garage", she is too much.

I will say I have not washed my hair since Sunday. Gave my bangs a quick freshen up, but it still feels and looks really good. I never got results like this from any shampoo I've ever used.

06/24/13 7:19am
Hair really did well after the baking soda wash and vinegar rinse. Kept the moisture and lost the frizzies (HOOOORAY). Hair feels soft and has quite a bit of volume. This morning it still feels really good and it's very shiny. This is day 8 for me with no product and no poo.

There is something very freeing about going natural. Can't quite put my finger on it, but it does feel good.

One thing I have noticed since this started is the incredible decrease in shedding. My hair is very thick and quite long and used to come out by what felt like the handful. I was just noticing as I was writing that when I ran my hands thru my hair, one (yes one) hair came out. To me that's a huge change from before.

06/23/13 8:57am
I have washed with baking soda and rinsed with white vinegar. I must tell you, my hair felt so greasy when i washed, I wasn't quite sure this was going to work and started looking for shampoo (I know, that is the Mother of all S words when going No Poo). I'm air drying, as I have been trying to get away from the heat process and things are looking MUCH more promising. Hair feels clean, looks clean (so far) and it seems to have held the moisture of the mask from yesterday. I can't feel the dry ends like before which is what my goal was in this process. I will be updating regularly once I have the process down.

If you are thinking of going "No Poo", it really does seem trial and error. Everybody is different, what works for one may not work for another. Hang in there!! I'm the most impatient person I know, but I am going to keep at it. I have read so many amazing stories about this process that it far outweighs the horror stories.

I will be back in a bit to let you know how it ended up!! Fingers crossed I'm on to something good.

06/23/13 7:46am
Here we are, Sunday morning, again I say, it looks horrible, but feels better than it ever has. Shortly, I am going in to do the baking soda/vinegar rinse, hopefully, the moisture stays but the goopy look goes. I'll be back in a bit with more info!!!

06/22/13 10:09pm
Ok, it looks horrible, however, it's so shiny, I have to think the oil and honey is helping. It looks like I've never washed my hair, but it feels über soft, so I decided to rinse out only my bangs with baking soda a while ago, and to be honest, my hair has never looked so shiny, soft, or healthy. I've decided to leave the concoction in the length of my hair overnight, pulled up in a bun on top of my head and see how it does on the morning.

I will keep you posted.

06/22/13 4:12pm
I am sitting here with my hair hair drying, it feels a bit heavy and goopy. My bangs look pretty crappy, but I have baking soda and white vinegar prepared if I need to rinse it out. I will admit at first, in the infamous words of Ron Burgundy "I immediately regret this decision", but as it dries, it's feeling quite nice.

I will post again in a while after it dries and I will let you know how it goes. I REALLY want this no poo process to work, but it can be a bit stressful. I am fanatical about my hair, so I can't stand the dry straw feeling.

I'll be back later to let you know how it goes and what I had to do if anything to make it work.

I'll be back, hope you are too. If not, well whatever, it's "Nunyabiznes" anyway!!

I thought I'd share a photo of my "No Poo" freshly washed hair. I am a frequent shampooer, but I had not washed in 4 days. I used the baking soda, white vinegar method but spiced it up a bit. I added between the baking soda wash & the vinegar rinse a mixture of 2 Tablespoons of honey and a 1/4 cup of store bought, fragrance free aloe gel. I let that sit in my head wrapped in a towel for 20 minutes. Then rinsed it out and rinsed with vinegar to seal the follicles.

I will keep you posted!

Ok. I'm 6 days in. Hair has been going thru a transition period. I will admit, up until today it's been fan-friggin-tastic, but today it seemed a bit dry at the tips and a bit straw like. I am a worrier by nature and I have been scouring the web for ideas to treat the dryness. I have read every forum imaginable. Some say coconut oil, but others say if you've gone totally "No Poo" then no way to the coconut oil as the no poo method will not wash the coconut oil out and you will end up with a greasy mess, but there has to be something to combat the dryness.

I finally found a forum that states you use 4-6 Tablespoons of honey and two Tablespoons of olive oil (or Jojoba oil if you have light hair) and a few drops of your favorite essential oils for fragrance. You wet your hair, massage this mixture in to your hair, rinse well with warm water, followed by a cool water rinse to promote circulation.

Then you mix 1 teaspoon of honey in 4 cups of warm water and a few drops of your favorite essential oil, pour this mixture over your hair and leave it in.